Afrobeatnik has established a network of Seattle-based artisans who complete Afrobeatnik upcycling work and construct original creations to be sold in our Handmade section. Artisans work under an agreement in which they make a commission for every garment sold that they upcycle or create for Afrobeatnik.  

Working with us brings the benefits of:

  • Less work/more creating. Why spend all your efforts marketing and photographing your products when you could use that time to create more?

  • Ability to reach an ideal market for your products as opposed to breaking through the generalized clutter of Etsy.

  • Already established brands will benefit from more brand exposure & increased sales.

  • A chance to be a part of a collaborative and creative team.


Thrive creatively and professionally as an Afrobeatnik Artisan.


Here's how it works:

  1. Afrobeatnik's team of buyers find garments and source materials for upcycling or the artisan supplies their own
  2. The artisan and Afrobeatnik brainstorm upcycling ideas and creative direction
  3. The artisan completes the construction of the garment(s)
  4. Afrobeatnik photographs, lists, promotes, sells, and ships the item(s) 
  5. Artisans are paid commissions monthly for items sold

All artisan-made items sold are unique to Afrobeatnik. In addition to being sold online, items will also be featured in our occasional Seattle-area pop-up stores and trunk shows.  

We're all about spreading the locally-made love. Artisans will also be featured on the Afrobeatnik website with a link back to their personal website or Etsy store if they so choose. 

Learn more about the Afrobeatnik Artisan application process by contacting us below: 

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