Our talented team of Seattle-based artisans value sustainability and creativity. With recycled materials and vintage they create one-of-a-kind handcrafted fashions. 

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ariana andres afrobeatnik

All the way from Guam, Ariana Andres is fashion student working towards a double major in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design with a minor in Business Administration at Seattle Pacific University. Since middle school, she’s been interested in fashion and also started sketching and making collections in sketchbooks at a young age. She has gone through a journey of learning the importance of self-love and body acceptance and and now has a drive to do the same for others by creating clothes for all sorts of body shapes and sizes. Aside from her love for fashion, you can find her volunteering in campus activities, homeless shelters, or music events. She likes trying new things and meeting new people. She also has a heart for listening to the stories of others and a passion for giving back.


Anjelika Nater-Frye is an experienced local artisan excelling in costume and fashion design. Her work is sparked by romance and history with a dose of experimentation. Her goal is to share life's flame with others. When she is not creating items she is likely cooking, ruminating or fashion modeling.

Kristine Rinder


Kristine Rinder is a fashion designer and stylist based in Seattle, where it mostly rains. She is from Portland, where it also rains. She is a great lover of personal style and originality. Her designs will make you think, smile, and maybe even become inspired. She began designing at a very early age, and decided to make it a career when her high school prom arrived and not a single dress let her shine the way she knew was possible. So she made her own. She received her degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in Los Angeles. While living there she worked as a costume designer in the film industry, and sat underneath a quiet palm tree whenever possible. Recently she has settled into a more sustainable life in the beautiful northwest, creating repurposed garments and using eco-friendly fabrics. Kristine is a firm believer in quality. Her favorite things are sunshine and imagination.

Tina Witherspoon

tina witherspoon seattle

Tina Witherspoon is a self-taught fashion designer specializing in comfortable, casual, chic, bohemian clothing. For Boho Republic, she produces two full collections a year, in addition to participating in local fashion shows, editorial photo shoots and design competitions in and around Seattle. She has always worked with recycled materials and is thrilled to partner with Afrobeatnik on the artisan program.