Super talented & adorable actress Quvenzhané Wallis grabbed attention when she showed up at the 2013 Academy awards as a Best Actress nominee at the ripe old age of nine. When I was nine, my biggest achievements were homework, so props to her. So since she is a talent in Hollywood who I think we can expect great things from, I want to highlight some more neat factoids about her:

  • Her mom almost didnt take her to audition for the film Beasts of the Southern Wild (which earned her an Oscar nomincation) because she was five and the casting call was for six to nine year-olds. But Quvenzhané insisted, and obviously did well at it.

  • After gaining Hollywood's attention, she became the face of Armani Junior, Giorgio Armanis line for children and teensthe first major child celebrity to be the face of a luxury brand.

  • In addition to Beasts, she's also been in a short film called Boneshaker (2013) and the Oscar winning 12 Years a Slave (2013). We can aslo look forward to seeing her as the lead in the remake of Annie, which is scheduled to be released in December. If, like me, you loved the 80s Annie as a kid, you should be happy with the trailer for the remake, which looks sweet.

  • She used Annieto promote an arts program aimed at high-poverty schools.

  • She has a role in an upcoming 2015 movie called Fathers and Daughters, about a novelist with a mental illness trying to deal with that while raising his daughter.

Who else do you think is an up and coming force in Hollywood?