Because let’s be real, you’ve earned it.

The Cravory

The most literal way to treat yourself is with treats. Specifically with delicious, crave-worthy treats. For as low as $9 a month, The Cravory will send a box of freshly made gourmet cookies straight to your doorstop. Their signature flavors include everything from classic Ultimate Chocolate Chip to adventurous Pancakes and Bacon, and even come in select gluten free options. Plus, once you’ve found your cookie soul mate, you can buy an entire box of just your favorite flavor. The best part? No one can tell you to share.


Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to something nice but don’t want to worry about exhausting your bank account. Luckily, camelcamelcamel has a solution. Self-described as an Amazon price checker, camelcamelcamel keeps track of the items on your Amazon wish list and sends out alerts whenever there’s a price drop. It even keeps track of trends among the various departments, meaning you can buy that cute pair of shoes without having to worry about the price dropping $15 the next day.

HANA Organic Skincare

The good news: you’ve definitely earned a spa day. The bad news: you have neither the time nor the resources to actually take a spa day. The other good news: you can still treat your skin to what it deserves at home with HANA Organic Skincare. HANA’s products are crafted to work for all skin types and are made using eco-friendly processes. Everything is completely organic, meaning there are no GMOs, synthetic preservatives or any other weird chemicals. Because really, who even needs the spa?