A little jazz, a little hip hop, a little rap. A lot of uniqueness.

Written by Sabina Cao

 Catherine Harris-Wthie

Catherine Harris-Wthie

Afrobeatnik is excited to share an artistic and soulful evening with Seattle in celebration of our launch this Saturday. Amongst the evening’s fun will be special guest performances by hip hop artists “Cat” Harris-White of THEESatisfaction and Turtle T of Nu Era.

In addition to Cat, THEESatisfaction is comprised of Stasia “Stas” Irons. With a self-proclaimed style of “funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul, frosted with icy raps,” Stas and Cat met in 2008 while both were attending colleges in Seattle, and have been producing their sweet sounds ever since. THEESatisfaction has since released several tantalizing EPs online, but just debuted their first full-length album awE naturalE in 2012 through Sub Pop Records. 

Known also for "black weirdo" parties around the globe, Cat’s unique music is certainly not the extent of her creative contribution to this world. She also makes handmade goods and sells vintage clothing through her Seattle-based Bettie Brown Market events.

A Seattle-native known for his poetic rhyme style and balance of sophisticated humor, MC Turtle T (aka Zac Millan) brings an authentic sound that is versatile and human. A former b-boy released, Turtle T released his debut solo mixtape “Of Love and Lust” last april and has plans to release new music soon.

Catch the unique performances of Cat and Turtle T at the Afrobeatnik launch party on March 1st at LUCIDLounge. Interested in attending? Find out the full details of our launch on Facebook.