Written by Sonya Harris

Recently, news that Uk Singer and songwriter Emeli Sandé plans to take a pilgrimage to Mexico, (following the same pattern as famed painter Frida Kahlo ) has been circling the web.


Emeli is known for feeling strongly about the honesty of the songs she writes and for her commitment towards expressing individuality. At age 26, the songstress hasn’t shied away from new experiences, embracing them as contributions to her journey towards creativity and individuality. She dons a tattoo on her arm of the painter Frida Kahlo as a symbol of her values. 

“I think a lot of females feel, especially in this industry, that they have to be pretty, acceptable on all levels," said Emeli. "To me, she [Frida] [It’s important] she embodies strength.”

Emile’s physical pilgrimage to individuality reflects her internal one. Individuality isn't something that can be flippantly defined or expressed simply by dying your hair a fluorescent color or avoiding the latest trends. Although those can be the by-products of someone living true to themselves, it always starts from the inside and expresses it’s way out.

Individuality works more like a process, and a series of destinations. You are more than a momentary trend or stuck in one spot. You are classic yet ever-evolving and unique. At Afrobeatnik, we provide external charms and gear that complements the uniqueness of those embarking on their own internal pilgrimage towards individuality.