Written by Angela Moorer

We are not your ordinary business.  We believe in the power of diversity to incite unity. We believe self-acceptance and individuality are key components of happiness. We believe sustainability is an essential long-term investment. Within these beliefs lies Afrobeatnik—a retailer of vintage fashion.


What is Afrobeatnik?

As founder of Afrobeatnik, this business began with my passion for two art forms: fashion and film. Afrobeatnik's intention is to contribute to a more sustainable world of fashion consumerism while simultaneously funding films that feature underrepresented perspectives and stories from diverse and unique women.

I first heard the term "beatnik" in one of my favorite films: 1985’s cult-classic Clue. Set in 1954, Mrs. Peacock was angrily yelling at the police chief --who she believed to be a door-to-door religion pusher. 

The Chief: But your souls are in danger!

Mrs. Peacock: Our lives our in danger, you beatnik!

Turns out "beatnik" was a term used a lot in the 50s and 60s to describe those who were perceived as annoying for having beliefs uncommon at the time.  One of Afrobeatnik’s beliefs is a celebration of individuality and beauty in all ethnicities, sizes, and ages-- a concept that most mainstream media does not endorse.

Over the years, my personal journey to self-acceptance involved many realizations of an unhealthy and almost exclusive assimilation to white American culture.  Fast-forward to 2013 and “afrobeatnik” is a term I created to combine the vintage aspect of the characterization “beatnik” with afrocentrism, a crucial component of me learning to love myself.  My hope is for the Afrobeatnik brand to grow into a community that, through film, fosters a similar love and growth for both individuals and communities.

beatnik: a young person who was part of a social group in the 1950s and early 1960s that rejected the traditional rules of society and encouraged people to express themselves through art

What do we sell?

Afrobeatnik sells vintage and handmade fashions. We rely heavily on our team of pickers to source our consciously curated vintage inventory.  Our artisan team up-cycles some of our vintage clothing and other leftover materials into beautiful handmade creations for modern-day wear.

Where can you find us?

We are an e-commerce and pop-up store. You can find our inventory online beginning March 1st of 2014 and catch us at vendor events and pop-up stores in Seattle and around the Pacific Northwest.

We hope you will connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter where we’ll share the latest news related to our launch and interesting content reflective of our values. 

-- Angela