Written by Sabina Cao

 Sabina Cao, SEO & Content Intern

Sabina Cao, SEO & Content Intern

Looking great in your favorite vintage find doesn't only boost your confidence, it also boosts Mother Nature's confidence. At Afrobeatnik, we aim to provide you with fashionable, stunning, and above all, sustainable clothing options. We stand for “ethics before all else,” and want to give you the option to choose something more than a disposable lifestyle.

Think back to the last time you went shopping at a big retail store. You probably thought about what outfit you wanted for next weekend's party or special birthday coming up. Or how you want that dress in three different colors. But did you think about where the clothes came from? Who was making them? How much money is cost the store, workers, and manufacturers to create a single t-shirt, size small? Most retail shoppers aren't looking to think about the consequences behind their clothes, myself included, or even how long they'll keep it before throwing it away.

Our throwaway culture favors “fast fashion,” which makes it easy for anyone to buy a shirt and discard it once the trend fades. Fast fashion values lower-quality clothes made from cheaper materials, with cheaper labor, and are manufactured to be out of style the next season so consumers will have to buy more. America alone discards millions of tons of waste every year, seemingly without a care about where it goes or how it affects the environment.

We at Afrobeatnik want to change that.

Shopping vintage is a simple and easy way to be sustainable. Recycling and reusing clothes from secondhand shops, thrift stores, and vintage closets helps prevent and reduce the 13.1 million tons of textiles trashed each year. Producing new clothes can cost a lot of money and resources; clothing and accessories that are already in existence, however, consume little to no additional resources, and can be used as-is or re-purposed and re-designed for modern fashion.

Let’s start thinking about where our clothes are coming from. It's not easy being green and ethical in a society where discarding is the norm, but vintage clothes gives us an alternative way to be fashionable and eco-conscious at the same time. Vintage fashion can also be kind to your wallet; most finds will be loads cheaper than buying something brand new. And let's be honest, scoring the perfect bargain find can make any day better. 

The popularity of sustainable fashion and clothes has risen in recent years as it has been put in the spotlight by high-end designers, celebrities, and companies. While vintage fashion is sustainable in not creating more waste, there is a wide spectrum of how the fashion industry can work towards social and environmental responsibility.

From one-of-a-kind upcycled and recycled vintage pieces to handmade accessories and designer items made in sustainable factories, join Afrobeatnik in making green the new black.