“In diversity, there is beauty & there is strength” – Maya Angelou

(Photo Credit: mayaangelou.com)

Dr. Maya Angelou has touched the hearts and souls of many- she has used diversity to set herself apart and make a difference in this world. Through her many novels (over 30 of which are considered best-sellers) and her inspirational speeches, it is evident that Angelou embraces her individuality to create a better life for herself.

Not only was she the first woman in San Francisco to become a cable car conductor, but she also traveled abroad in order to connect with various cultures. As a result, Angelou has mastered reading and writing in French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and the West African language Fanti. Maya Angelou is truly an inspiration- her gift as one of the greatest authors and her legacy of providing wisdom will forever remain legendary.

Similarly to Maya Angelou, Afrobeatnik also prides themselves on both individuality and embracing diversity. Instead of shying away from the gifts each person is given, creativity should be expressed and revealed for the world to see.  

Afrobeatnik aims to help aspiring artists achieve their dreams through joining the Artisan Program.  This program targets Seattle-based artisans who embody many of the core values that both Afrobeatnik and Angelou have instilled in others- diversity, being unique and individuality. While working with a collaborative team to make handmade creations, artisans CREATE more while WORKING less.

Do you have a passion for fashion design and sustainability? Check out our artisan program today and contact us if you want to join the fun.