Many of us these days are nostalgia buffs. Filled with amusement, we indulge in the 80s and 90s era movie-references, online quizzes, and memes.  Delighted by the simplistic nature of the past, be it a favorite memory or childhood fashion, we are satisfied by re-living what once was.

Just as we adore the past, we adore older styles that remind us of our favorite memories and time periods. But what happens when clothing of sentimental value no longer suits us? The wool skirt you wore on your first date. The silk blouse you wore on the day of your promotion. The designer wedding dress you spent months searching for. Are these items simply doomed to be  “put out to pasture” ?

13.1 million tons of textiles are trashed each year.

The amount of wasted textiles is staggering. Adding insult to injury is the never-ending production of new poorly-made garments which, due to a lack of sustainability, end up costing us in the long run. So why, we ask-- why discard the classic and nostalgia bombs we adore so much just to replace them with the cheap stuff?




Afrobeatnik Artisan Kristine Rinder "reincarnated" this drab orange vintage dress into a fun and modern skirt. 

Look for this item in our Artisan collection launching this summer.



Making our precious possessions valuable again 

Afrobeatnik believes in garment reincarnation. Through the work of our talented team of artisans, what once was thought of as dead and gone now has a second chance, a new life, so to speak.

We begin with our source material, which consists of vintage garments and scrap fabrics. After creatively brainstorming concepts for “new lives” to give our source materials, the artisan completes construction of the new garment. Afrobeatnik then sells the items to you, the thoughtful and savvy consumer who recognizes worth in individuality, craftsmanship and sustainability.

 Each of our upcycled garments are classic, unique and timeless, we want to afford you the opportunity to make new memories with possessions you value and have amazing experiences in clothes that complement your life. 

Watch out for our artisan line coming Summer of 2014.

If you'd like to make a clothing donation, contact A portion of all Afrobeatnik profit goes toward the development of our film program, which seeks to tell the stories of the underrepresented.