Vintage is people being nostalgic about the time or era that they didn’t grow up in.
— Jerri Mokgofe, Johannesburg Fashion Blogger
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Vintage clothing has taken certain parts of Africa by storm. As recently reported by CNN, these african "hipsters" view vintage not only as a fashion choice but as a way of life. 

Said Lourens Gebhardt, aka Namibian blogger Loux the Vintage Guru, "Vintage clothes have history behind them, they are from a legendary era that has been left behind by our ancestors. It is not a trend, it won't go away." 

More and more bloggers and fashion designers are recognizing the value in the old and rejecting that fast fashion culture that has dominated the market. 

"If you look at the retail stores, it's all about fast fashion, fast fashion is what sells, and now you get a lot of synthetic fibers whereas in the past you got cotton, raw silks and those kinds of materials. Times have changed," said Johannesburg fashion blogger Jerri Mokgofe.

"You can always turn back the hands of time in terms of your wardrobe and revisit the past, the era your mom grew up in, and borrow from your mother's, grandmother's or grandfather's wardrobe and put those elements together and wear it today. And the beauty of it is that it's celebrated and people see it as the hottest trend."

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