There's been a lot of noise lately surrounding a certain two-year-old celebrity child's hair. With words like "nappy" and "unkempt" being thrown around, Beyonce and Jay Z have found their little Blue Ivy Carter facing a level of scrutiny quite surreal for a toddler. Already, audiences have taken to calling Bey and Jay out on their parenting choices, even going so far as to start a petition on to, "Comb Her Hair." 

Despite the Ivy-meltdown that's erupted across Facebook news-feeds and Instagram streams throughout the world, something [ok, everything] about this story screams, "non-issue" to us. To be honest, we don't really care what this child's hair looks like. Here's six reasons why she probably doesn't either:

6. She's a baby. A really cute, happy baby. 

blue ivy hair

5. More playing, less hating. 

4. With Oprah as her god mother, Blue is inherently wise beyond her years. That's, like, science.


3. She's got better things to do. Even at the tender age of two, she's probably partied harder than you or I ever will.

2. She's kinda busy being on top of the world. Hair? What's hair?


1. She woke up like this.