In real life, a particular standard of beauty is nearly impossible to achieve.

The women featured in today’s media adhere to “a particular standard of beauty that is nearly impossible to achieve” (Huffington Post). To some, a size 0 is considered ‘beautiful,’ when in reality, it is both an unrealistic and a misrepresentation of what healthy women should resemble. As seen in the images above, Lauren Wade, photo editor for TakePart, took nude muses of artists like Titian and Raphael and molded them to the pressures of what women are supposed to look like in today’s society. In turn, natural curves were downsized, cellulite was brushed out, and tummies were tucked to the point of nonexistence. "We’ve taken a digital liquefy brush to the painstakingly layered oils of some of the most celebrated paintings of the female form. There may be something sacrilegious in that, but the same could be said for our contemporary ideas of beauty,” said Wade.

When it comes to the human body, photo shopping degrades women to make them believe that being ridiculously thin is the ultimate standard of beauty. At Afrobeatnik, this is certainly not the case. Afrobeatnik believes that there is something unique and special in everyone- in all cultures, skin colors, hair types, and body shapes. “It is shameful to see that beautiful uniqueness is going largely unrecognized and ignored in mainstream media,” said Afrobeatnik.


If these famous works of art were to conform to today’s standards of beauty, this would express to women everywhere that beauty is unattainable, and that the “thigh gap” should be the main goal. At Afrobeatnik, what is considered ‘beautiful’ ranges from sizes XS to XXL, because in the end, “We aim to provide a diverse, unique, and ethical fashion destination. We want to show the world how beautiful beauty can be.”

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