Do you love sharing unique style, promoting sustainability or representing the beauty in diversity? Afrobeatnik is currently building a community of bloggers and websites who share our values, and we want to invite you to join! We are looking to create relationships with like-minded individuals through our Affiliate program which will be mutually beneficial and help contribute to a greater sense of community. Here’s everything you need to know:

 What does it mean to be an Affiliate with Afrobeatnik?

  • making a 10% commission on every sale you send our way.
  • promoting our store on your website or blog with links tracked by Afrobeatnik affiliate software.
  • opportunities to be featured on Afrobeatnik's blog and newsletter.

 How often will I receive my commission?

 We will pay you once per month for the previous month.

 How will you send my commission?

 We can pay you through Paypal or by sending you a check in the mail— whichever you prefer!

 Is it time-consuming to sign up for?

 Not at all! Just fill out the information on this form, and you will be submitted for approval.

 Can I track my referrals?

 Yes— you can log in to your Affiliate account at any time to check your sales, traffic, account balance, and how well your banners are performing.

That’s it! If you are a website owner and want to partner with a woman-owned fashion company that promotes ethical clothing production, unique self-expression and diversity, our Affiliate Program will be a great fit for you.