We all have that one friend who cooks for every occasion, bakes elaborate cupcakes just for fun and replicates recipes from Pinterest to a T. Unfortunately, the rest of tend to be slightly cooking impaired. Thankfully, Raddish has you covered. For a small fee, Raddish will send you a monthly box that contains 3 easy kid (and picky adult)-friendly recipes, a shopping list and more to help you make a every meal a successful meal. Martha Stewart will have nothing on you.

Rainy Mood

Coming from Seattle, we’re used to hearing rain outside for about 3/4 of the year. So now that the summer’s wrapping up, we’re ready for the stormy weather to come back! Until then, Rainy Mood will provide us with free continuous rain sounds to relax (or just contemplate life dramatically) to.


While we all want to do a little good in the world, it can seem impossible to make a difference when you don’t have the budget of Angelina Jolie. The Instead app aims to change that. By giving up minimal purchases (i.e. a $3 cup of coffee), users can donate the funds they would have used to causes like providing clean water to South Sudan. Philanthropy has never been easier.