In the age of addictive apps and games, it can be easy to get distracted. For those of us who are looking for motivation but have trouble putting the phone down, HabitRPG turns life into a videogame complete with tasks, rewards and challenges. You can set your own goals and gain points for finishing them, as well as set your own rewards (i.e. buying yourself pizza for going to the gym regularly). Likewise, you can subtract points for indulging in bad habits. It’s fun, easy and so much more productive than Candy Crush.


While there’s some debate over the pronunciation of “gif,” there’s no arguing that having loads of them improves every situation. Giphy features the largest selection of gifs in on the internet and puts them into categories like emotions, animals and reactions. It even has search engine, just in case you’re looking for the perfect gif for your blog post (or just want to look at corgis for hours, we won’t judge).

Chrisette Michele: Thrifting Guide

Thrift shopping ain't easy. Thankfully, R&B singer and all-around style expert Chrisette Michele is here to show us how it's done. Check out her thrifting chronicles (as well as her tips, tricks and looks) here (part 2).