The “I’m growing out my hair” period can be awkward, especially for women with natural hair. Thankfully, Kurly Klips is here to prevent several months of bad hair days. Kurly Klips offers clip-in extensions for natural hair with textures ranging from “My Spirals” to “My Fro.” Goodbye growing-out period, hello hairstyles.


Remember that time your health-conscious friend hosted a dinner party and you totally embarrassed yourself by having to ask what quinoa was? Thanks to technology, you never have to let anything that awkward ever happen again. The Ramps app has over 300 searchable fruits, vegetables and spices with detailed descriptions of each. Use it to finally figure out what fennel is or just to seem really sophisticated in front of your friends.

Daily Dress Me

The summer-to-fall transition can leave the weather unpredictable, which in turn makes styling the perfect outfit a difficult experience. Luckily, Daily Dress Me features a five-day weather forecast with outfit suggestions based on the predicted weather, meaning you can avoid being seen wearing short-shorts in the rain or thermal leggings in 70 degree weather.