Greetings, Afrobeatniks!

Since it’s Nude Week, let’s do a '60s makeup how-to tailored towards women of color. A lot of retro makeup tutorials were designed with white women and white style icons primarily in mind, so this is an alternative in case you ever thought “This sure isn’t aimed at me” and wanted to rock the '60s look.

So the '60s began as “We’re a continuation of the '50s!” The wing-tip eyeliner look was invented but eyes were otherwise kept subtle, pink blushes became popular, and red pouts were in. What we know as the '60s look, after the '60s became its own beast, is commonly known as the London look or the Twiggy look, after the British supermodel of the same name. The makeup trademarks of the '60s are bold eyeshadows, thick eyeliner, doll eyelashes, and lips in subtle colors to make the eyes pop more.

Style Icons

 Actress Tura Satana

Actress Tura Satana

Asian iconsIrene Tsu (TV and film actress), France Nguyen (TV and film actress), Nancy Kwan (film actress), Tura Satana (film actress), Tsai Chin (film and stage actress), Sharmila Tagore (film actressdidnt do any work in the US, but a '60s Bollywood icon, so worth mentioning.)

 Singer Diana Ross

Singer Diana Ross

Black iconsDonyale Luna (film actress and model), Nina Simone (singer), Mary Wells (singer), Shirley Bassey (singer), Diana Ross (singer and film actress), Eartha Kitt (singer, TV and film actress), Aretha Franklin (singer), Ronnie Bennett (singer), Lena Horne (singer, film actress), Dionne Warwick (singer and film actress), Marsha Hunt (singer, film, TV, and theater actress), Lola Falana (singer, film and TV actress), Diahann Carroll (singer, TV and stage actress.)

 Actress Rita Moreno

Actress Rita Moreno

Hispanic iconsRita Moreno (singer, film and TV actress), Celia Cruz (black as well as Hispanic), Raquel Welch (film and TV actress), Katy Jurado (film and stage actress.)


  1. So naturally, you want to start off with whichever type of foundation/powder/tinted concealer is best for you.

  2. Go easy on the blush. The muted '60s blush look dovetails nicely with fall 2014 trends, which happen to be pretty '60s. But seriously, give yourself a very light dusting.

  3. For lipstick (and lip liner, if you use it), subtlety is again the key. As always, if you use lip liner, it should be a shade darker than your lipstick.

  4. For eyes, you want to put on a primer to make your eye makeup last. Then start on eyeshadow by brushing a shimmery shade that is lighter than your skin tone over your eyelid, up to right under your eyebrows. It should blend into your skin a little more as it gets closer to your eyebrows.

  5. Now for the second shade. If you have a double eyelid, you want a darker or more colorful shade on the crease of your lids, sweeping from the inside corner of your eyelids to the outer corners, creating a slightly winged look. The front area of your eyelids and the area right under your brow should still be dominated by the light eyeshadow. If you have light brown skin, violets are flattering also. If you have a monolid, dont try to draw a crease. Brush the darker eyeshadow on your eyelid while leaving the area just below your eyebrow highlighted.

  6. Use black liquid liner to sweep a line over the edge of your lid, ending in a winged tip just slightly past the outer corner of your eye.

  7. Your eyelashes should be so defined, you look like a creepy doll come to life. Kidding, but you do want to highlight your lashes in a way that makes your eyes look bigger and more defined. Either use false lashes or use a curler and a double coat of black mascara. If you have a double lid, you want to brush your bottom lashes with mascara also. If you have a monolid, you shouldnt brush your bottom lashes. For Asian eyes, Shiseidos Eyelash Curler is supposed to be better than most. When you curl, apply your mascara asap before the lashes un-curl.

  8. Congratulations, you are done!

Recommended Products

For Dark Brown Skin
Blush: A rose or orange shade.
Lip color: Raisin.
First eye layer: Silver.
Second eye layer: Rich royal purple.

For Medium Brown Skin
Blush: Orange with some subtle gold shimmer or a light pink.
Lip color: A pink-ish brown or hazelnut.
First eye layer: Silver.
Second eye layer: Rich, but somewhat pink-tined purple.

For Light Brown Skin
Blush: Pastel pink.
Lip color: A brown-ish pink or light hazelnut.
First eye layer: Silver.
Second eye layer: Violet.

For Golden or Golden-Tan Skin
Blush: Red clay.
Lip color: Very subtle rose.
First eye layer: Subtle champagne
Second eye layer: Medium bronze.

For Olive Skin
Blush: Rose pink or peach.
Lip color: Very subtle rose.
First eye layer: Subtle champagne or subtle peach.
Second eye layer: Medium bronze.

These arent hard and fast rules, though. Even women in the '60s paired brighter pouts with the '60s signature eyes if they felt like it, and nothing is stopping you from trying shades youre curious about at your local department store or Sephora. The point is to have fun!