Perfect if you love: Pinterest

Think of Kitchenbug as your personal recipe box, only a lot more organized and with the convenient easy access of the internet. By installing the Kitchenbug clipper, you can collect recipes from all over the web and save them to your personal profile. It will even show you the dietary and nutritional information of anything you clip, giving new life to every diet you will ever start again.

Perfect if you love: Pandora

Like Pandora, offers free online radio streaming tailored to your tastes. Unlike Pandora, bases its stations based on decades and energy levels, and will even let your search for streams based on your mood and favorite artists. Use it to discover new artists, stations and feelings you never knew existed.


Perfect if you love: Netflix

The premise of Televisor is simple: type in a show you love and it will give you recommendations based on it. It’s perfect for when you’ve just finished up an amazing series and need something similar to fill the void. You and Televisor will go together better than wine and cheese. Or peanut butter and jelly. Or staying inside all day and Netflix.