Following this week’s “nude” theme, we wanted to share a find that provides lingerie options for every nude there is! MySkins offers seamless bras and panties in 20 different shades ranging from light Honey to deep Espresso, guaranteeing that you’ll never be without nude underwear for the rest of your life.

Christian Louboutin's Les Nude Collection

Despite the diverse range of skin tones out there, most fashion designers seem to get caught in the rut of referring to only light beige items as nude. The people at Christian Louboutin want to change this. Launched in 2013, the Les Nude collection features five different shades and was designed to "offer women the possibility of owning a pair of shoes that would closely match the color of their skin." Now that's some forward thinking fashion.

The Lingerie Addict

It can be argued that no one understands the pain of "nude" (i.e. beige) clothing more than underwear fanatics. The Lingerie Addict's Cora knows this to be true, and has written several pieces about it. In her own words, "centering one skintone as 'normal' or 'natural' automatically displaces women with darker skintones and others them as unusual or abnormal...In the worst instances, women with dark skin are implied to be 'unnatural.'" Check out more of Cora's thoughts on the subject here and here, as well as the rest of her blog for more great pieces!