If there's one thing we learned from this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show (besides the fact that sharks are surprisingly good dancers) it's that Missy Elliot is a LEGEND. Who else can hop on stage after almost a 10-year hiatus and be met with the universal praise she received? Seriously, I heard not one bad thing about Missy's performance with Katy Perry-- only sighs of relief that people had something other than Katy Perry to focus their attention on. In honor of Missy's return (rumor has it she's working on a new album), we decided to highlight seven of the things we're most grateful Missy gave us. 

1. Saving the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show

There have definitely been worse half time shows than Katy Perry. But we have to admit, the show got 1000x better when Missy showed up.

2. Helping to popularize the infamous tracksuit era of the 2000s

They were worn by everyone. Your sister, your mom, your best friend--- during the Hilton-Richie era, maybe even a small little white dog as well. From Nike to Addidas to Juicy Couture to Roca Wear,  sweatsuits were the IT item of much of the 2000s and it's artists like Missy we have to thank-- and/or blame.

3. Introducing us to this girl

This young girl (named Alyson Stoner), is now 21 and recently made this Missy Elliot tribute video.

4. Paving the way for today's female rappers


Long before Iggy Azalea began dominating both the pop and rap charts and feuding with Azealia Banks, women like Missy, Da Brat, Eve, Lauryn Hill and Lil' Kim were some of the first to represent women in hip-hop. 

5. Providing an awesome soundtrack to some of Mean Girls' best moments

Who doesn't love a good Mean Girl reference? This film is filled not only with hilarious one-liners written by funny-lady Tina Fey but also some pretty great music including Missy Elliot's "Pass That Dutch," released in 2003 on her fifth studio album This is Not a Test! 

6. The music. Oh, the beautiful music. 

You'd think this would go without saying but unfortunately an entire generation sat in front of their TVs stunned at "the new artist Katy Perry was helping to promote" during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The new kids on the block are already unfamiliar with the sweet, sweet sounds of Missy Elliot's golden days. So, we must time a moment to point out that Missy's talent surpasses that of most female and male emcees of today.

7. This freaking hilarious Broad City sketch. 

Here at Afrobeatnik we're quite found of Broad City. So when our love of Abby and Alana's creative genius met with our love of Missy Elliot, we were in serious heaven. In the opening scene of Broad City's "Apartment Hunters" episode, Abby is seen wearing Missy's notorious garbage bag get-up from her music video for "The Rain [Supa Fly]."