Queen Bey is known for being a mega-successful recording artist, performer, actress, businessperson, and flawless woman in general. A large part of her appeal (and, conversely, the criticism she draws) is the level of perfection she presents her looks and life to constantly be at. Bey doesn't really have off days (that we know of) and that's one reason why she's so great and the rest of us are so... average. 

In the un-retouched Loreal photos leaked today, seemingly for an ad featuring the lipstick she is holding, you can see many real aspects of Ms. Knowels that, frankly, are unflattering. For Beyonce, these photos may be an embarrassing and contradictory jab to the image she works so hard to maintain but for us Beyhivers, these photos are an un-retouched gold mine of relatability. 

In the photos Beyonce has a ton of makeup on that has set into her face, accentuating her laugh lines that are further magnified by the harsh lighting of the photo-shoot. Her skin has the flaws of any female human being who has made the mistake of stepping into TJ Maxx's horrifically over-lit dressing rooms only to be met with a not-so-fresh looking facial reality. You can see the pores of Bey's face, on which there is a collection of pimples which look similar to the pimples on our faces all the time. On the right side of her face, you can see her slightly-un-natural looking hairline, no doubt the product of a lace-front wig, an aspect of her appearance that Beyonce doesn't really talk about but we all know about and try to emulate with our own cheap $50 synthetic hair pieces. 

While she does have flaws, at the end of the day, she STILL looks beautiful. She's still fierce, she's just more real and there is something inherently sexy about that. Even though she's not flawless, she is Beyonce: talented, creative, gorgeous, iconic-- only now we can actually throw the word "human" into that mix. The real you ain't as scary as you think it is, Bey. 

Photos via TheBeyonceWorld.com