Are you great at styling hair and doing make up? Do you love to creatively collaborate? Trying to expand your portfolio?

Afrobeatnik is a new online retailer of consciously curated vintage clothing and handmade goods. We need an assistant stylist that can primp models before and during shooting as well as help make styling decisions that align with the creative vision of the brand. It would help for you to have an understanding of hair styling and makeup application, but above all what we need is someone creative and observational with a penchant for style. 

The assistant stylist should be available for 1-2 shoots per month as well as a 1-2 meetings before each shoot. At pre-shoot meetings, the assistant stylist will be briefed on the head shots of models, wardrobe choices, and the photo shoot location in order to plan makeup and hair decisions. The assistant can also choose to contribute in planning the shoot.

We will provide all the tools you need or, if you bring your own styling tools and makeup kit, reimburse you for product used. 


  • Assist photographer during shooting
  • Primp models
  • Style hair and apply makeup, collaborate creatively with the vision for the shoot
  • (Optional) Collaborate with photographer and director on the vision for the shoot
  • Attend pre-shoot meetings


  • Reliable, positive, creative, great sense of style
  • Knowledge of hair styling and makeup application
  • Observant, attention to detail
  • A love of fashion 

To inquire, please email a resume and brief cover letter to



Afrobeatnik is a retailer of consciously curated vintage clothing and handmade goods. We believe there is beauty in diversity– old and young, black and white, big and small, and all in-between.

Challengers of the status quo, we seek to address the ever-clear misrepresentation of beauty and exclusivity in mainstream media. A portion of profits will help fund the production of film shorts that feature women who are historically underrepresented and falsely portrayed in media.

Afrobeatnik celebrates the diversity of women and clothing with a collection of carefully curated vintage and upcycled fashion spanning time periods, cultures, and styles.

Our collection is sourced from estates, consigners, designers, and artisans throughout the world.

We launch in January 2014.

Visit us at